High Elves Rule the World - An Album

Elf in Kimono
Few things rival Cosmic Horrors in scope, in power. High Elves are one of them.

White Priestess
Their souls are bonded to all Magic. It pumps through them.
It makes them immortal. It makes them intelligent.
They are High Elves because this makes them better than you.

Elven Salt Mines - Concept Masters Vol.1
High Elf cities are empty. They live in places no mortal can reach.
Really, cities are to them as model ships are to us. A passing time.
Flights of fancy.
Hobbies to obsess over.

High elves don't sleep, but they do dream.
These daydreams shape reality. Temporarily, at least.
Illusions given substance, but just as quick to die.
Sometimes they escape to our world. Terrorize it for a bit. For this is what they dream of:
Elf Queen
High elves are not adventurers.
They dream up different versions of themselves. Give it a bit more longevity than the normal.
They set it loose on the world. Watch it.
A player avatar. A player character. Your life is their tabletop.

All gods are High Elves.
When their souls surged forth, they sought to create.
Entire starsystems. New universes. Planes of existence.
Worship does not feed them. Entertainment does.
Other elves, drow, eladrin, are their creations.
Elves are not Death, though. Death is still above.
elf dead
They can die, High Elves. They still live. Their hearts can be stilled.
Drow know the secret. Dragons know the secret. Demons know too.
If something can kill an elf, the others do not seek revenge.
They are patient.
Why seek what will always come?
Image result for melkor vs fingolfin
To enter their universe, they must be bested.
Tyrannical though they are, pray:
Pray they never fall.